December 4, 2022

Holly's Interview with Smashing the Plateau

On the Smashing the Plateau Podcast, Holly talks with David Shriner-Cahn about building her consulting business and balancing family life.

Holly's Interview with Smashing the Plateau
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Holly Hester-Reilly
Holly Hester-Reilly

Earlier this year, Holly was interviewed by David Shriner-Cahn on his podcast Smashing the Plateau.

Here are some highlights.

1) There is a lot of pressure in our culture to feel like you're getting things done by yourself and to be independent.

I definitely find that the more we can spread the word and help people feel comfortable with getting help and leaning on a team, the better.

2) I realized if it feels like things are slipping or I'm losing track of the big picture or I'm not getting work done because I'm not feeling motivated that I probably need some kind of inspect and adapt process that's going to be looking at what's happening.

3) I had brought together several other people who are in a similar field to me, or a similar position to me, which was basically entrepreneurs that are selling something that is relatively new to be sold as a consulting contract type of work.

4) [My clients] typically have hired consultants or contractors for something at some point in their career, but they haven't hired them for product management. They have this pervasive belief that you need an in-house person who is dedicated to the job, dedicated to the company.

And it was definitely an uphill challenge at the beginning of my time with my business, figuring out how I could convince people that they should trust me with a contract and then I'll deliver results for them.

5) The podcast made a lot of sense because one of my skills is talking to people and getting them to share interesting insights and stories from their lives.

And it's a thing that I love to do.

So it's also a lot of fun for me and I'm able to do it much faster than writing.

6) I am a mom of two kids.

And so a big part of my entrepreneurship career has also been balancing work and life and making space for what I want to do at home with my family.

And, that's also something that I'm passionate about.

And I want people to know that you can do that.

Click here to listen to the full episode of Smashing the Plateau

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