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Spacing system

You can find all the different spacing, margins and padding classes below. Our spacing system is based of F'insweets Client-First, you can find more info about how to use the classes here.
Padding 0
Padding Tiny
Padding XXSmall
Padding XSmall
Padding Small
Padding Medium
Padding Large
Padding XLarge
Padding XXLarge
Padding Huge
Padding XHuge
Padding XXHuge
Padding Custom 1
Padding Custom 2
Padding Custom 3
Padding Top
Padding Bottom
Padding Left
Padding Right
Padding Vertical
Padding Horizontal
Margin 0
Margin Tiny
Margin XXSmall
Margin XSmall
Margin Small
Margin Medium
Margin Large
Margin XLarge
Margin XXLarge
Margin Huge
Margin XHuge
Margin XXHuge
Margin Custom 1
Margin Custom 2
Margin Custom 3
Margin Top
Margin Bottom
Margin Left
Margin Right
Margin Vertical
Margin Horizontal