Michelle Makowski

Product Leader


Michelle has over 15 years leading marketing and product teams at companies Intuit TurboTax, Microsoft TakeLessons, Blueboard, Renovate America and consulted for startups and clients like Mitchell and Ensight.

Her varied and extensive functional expertise includes new products, experimentation, product marketing, consumer marketing and accounting. Her love and passion for customer insights and solving important customer problems led her to product management for the past 10 years. She thrives in the discovery and building new B2C and B2B software and technology products where the sky is blue and the ambiguity is real. She also loves connecting, learning and coaching product teams who want to improve and grow.

Outside of work you can find Michelle teaching and taking yoga classes, walking the beaches of San Diego, or traveling around the world to go to music festivals.


I'm fueled by discovery and delight- seeing an insight or problem that others have overlooked and being open to the possibilities for how to solve it.

Just For Fun

I'm a music festival addict and have attended over 40 festivals around the world.

Meet Our Team

The H2R Product Science team is made of passionate product leaders with decades of experience across startups and enterprises.

Holly Hester-Reilly

Product Leader & Founder

Holly is the founder of H2R Product Science. Holly was a product leader at MediaMath during their journey to becoming a unicorn and at Shutterstock in the years after their IPO. She has spent the last 15 years working with startups, high-growth companies, and enterprises.

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Allison Cassing

User Researcher

Allison is a user researcher with over a decade of product management experience focused in data and insights at growth-stage startups MediaMath and Newsela. She has a deep interest in user experience and motivation.

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Dina Levitan

Product Manager & User Researcher

Dina is a product management and user research consultant with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. She's been an engineering leader at Google and product leader at venture-backed startups. She has Computer Science degrees from MIT and an MBA from University of Washington

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