Allison Cassing

User Researcher


Prior to joining H2R Product Science, Allison was a senior product manager at Newsela where she built product for students and teachers based in qualitative and quantitative research findings.

Before Newsela, Allison led the reporting product team at MediaMath. As reporting product lead she worked closely with users, designers and engineers to build the reporting interface and data pipes behind it. She has a deep interest in user experience and motivation.

Before joining the world of product and software development, Allison studied economics and statistics at the University of Chicago and worked as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. She can be spotted sitting behind Ben Bernanke in congressional hearings circa 2010.


I love learning about people--how and why they do what they do.

Just For Fun

Allison is an avid baker and cookbook accumulator.

Meet Our Team

The H2R Product Science team is made of passionate product leaders with decades of experience across startups and enterprises.

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